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Jo Hadley of Appello

Our Story

My name is Jo Hadley and I established Appello in July 2018 after recognising there was a need for a service in Hawkes Bay where independent people or family members living outside of the region could engage a trusted and reliable coordinator to assist with the downsizing process.

I am a Napier local and was educated in Hawkes Bay and Wellington before finally returning in late 2008 after completing my OE based mainly in London.

For the past 9 years I have worked in administration roles for both the Ministry of Justice and the New Zealand Police.

I am passionate about helping people and wanted the opportunity to provide a service aimed at making the experience of downsizing a positive one.

Read why I decided to specialise in downsizing.

Why specialise in downsizing?

The journey to establishing Appello began with my amazing Nana who was left by herself in 2011 and made the huge decision in 2013 at the age of 87 to move to New Zealand. I spent 10 days in the UK assisting her with the process of sorting and packing up a lifetime of memories.

This involved working quickly and efficiently to coordinate services to assist with packing, cleaning and maintaining her property while we waited for the sale process to be completed.

Once Nana arrived in Hawkes Bay I assisted with settling her into an independent villa in a local retirement village complex. While she was based in the complex she decided to move into a serviced apartment which meant completing another smaller move with her.

Finally, I had the privilege of completing her estate clearance to ensure the items which had mattered to her the most stayed within our family and the remaining items were donated to charities to give someone else as much pleasure as they had given her. 

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If you or someone you know is looking to downsize, give Jo Hadley a call on 027 424 0557
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"I would 110% recommend using Jo from Appello when deciding to shift. I would also like to stress that any age qualifies for this service, it was money very well spent for peace of mind at what can be an emotional and stressful time."

- Elaine & Nick

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Our Services

Appello is a trusted and caring company that is here to assist older independent people when they decide to downsize. Working alongside our clients and their families to assist with reducing the physical and emotional stress of moving house is important to us. We can coordinate everything from part to entire moves all while working at a relaxed pace.

Select one of our services below to read more about how we can help:


If you’re not ready to downsize your house but you would like assistance to downsize your belongings, we can assist with a number of different options available.

How we help you with this:

  • We work alongside you to help make decisions on which household items to keep or discard.

  • Items no longer required can either be sold or given to nominated charities. We can assist with arranging this and ensure that 100% of any money that is earned from the sale of any items is returned to the client.

  • The decluttering process is done at a pace that is designed to be relaxed, light-hearted and most importantly stress free.

Email Jo to find out more or request a quote to help you with decluttering or take a look at our packages further below.

Retirement Village Assistance

We can assist with planning the logistics of a move from start to finish. We are able to give as little or as much assistance as required.

How we help you with this:

  • We sit down for an initial chat to see what is required and then we map out how we can provide the best assistance.

  • We can recommend a number of local services who may be able to assist with the process.

  • We can set up a villa/apartment/bedroom so family members are able to move in straight away while minimising the stress and maximising their enjoyment.

Email Jo to find out more or request a quote for retirement village assistance.

Estate Clearance

We work with executors, families and lawyers to ensure that an estate clearance is dealt with sensitively and in a timely manner which in turn enables all parties to move forward knowing every little detail has been taken care of.

How we help you with this:

  • Lawyers/executors/family members are kept appraised of each step in the process.

  • We give the same guarantee as our decluttering service which means that items no longer required can either be sold or given to nominated charities. We will undertake this on behalf of the estate and ensure that 100% of any money that is earned from the sale of any items is returned to the estate.

  • We can arrange and liaise with a number of services for general repairs and maintenance, gardening and cleaning as well as arranging for a real estate appraisal.

Email Jo to find out more or request a quote for help with estate clearance.

To enquire about any of the services above, give Jo Hadley a call on 027 424 0557

Appello is here to help you coordinate everything from a partial move through to an entire move, all while working at a relaxed pace.

Decluttering Packages

Decluttering can be a big part of downsizing your home. To simplify this process Appello offers three packages to choose from:

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Package one

starting from $150.00

Ideal for a smaller area such as a kitchen pantry, laundry or wardrobe.

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Package two

starting from $300.00

Ideal for larger areas such as the kitchen, home office or lounge/dining rooms. 

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Package three

starting from $450.00

Ideal for several areas of the house or a garage. There is also the option to split this across 2 or 3 days to suit the needs of the individual.

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Custom packages can also be tailored to suit your individual downsizing needs. Please contact Jo using the form below to discuss your requirements.

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To find out how Appello may be able to assist you and your family with the downsizing process, contact Jo on 027 424 0557 or email Jo for more information please fill out the form below.

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